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    travel experience


    And we make you F1RST.

    From designing awe-inspiring, take-your-breath away adventures to partnering with travel managers to improve corporate travel programs, we are fanatical about service—it’s in our name, after all—and we go above and beyond to provide unmatched expertise to our portfolio of leisure, corporate, entertainment and events clients.

    And we’re no strangers to the scene: Co-founders and sibling entrepreneurs, Fernando Gonzalez and Erika Reategui, started the company in 1991—and haven’t looked back. They have always put service at the forefront—and continue to cultivate this ethos today, with a hand-picked team of dedicated and experienced travel advisors, business leaders and strategic partners.

    This dynamic team provides the key to what makes First in Service stand out in the travel world: the human connection. We call it “You are F1RST”—and it’s the motto and philosophy we live by. Travel is personal—and we strive to prove that with every experience.

    Meet our team
    First in Service is innovating the future of travel.
    “People often ask what makes F1S special. The answer is easy: It’s our connection to each other, to our partners, and to our clients—and it’s our commitment to making each experience better than the last.”
    Erika Reategui

    While our vision and work ethic have remained constant since the start, close to three decades of innovation and expansion have kept us on the cutting-edge. We’re able to provide everything from the latest booking technology to 24/7 support to exclusive amenities that enhance your travel.

    With offices in six cities on three continents around the world—New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Bogota, Madrid, and Toronto—our unique perspective and coveted partnerships enable us to inspire, plan, and transform your experience from start to finish.

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