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To know us is to know that our team is our greatest asset.

First in Service is, at its core, all about family. And nowhere is that more apparent than in our team—a group of adventurous travelers, dedicated leaders, and fun people to hang out with all day. We make it a point to hire from both in and outside the travel industry to ensure we’re bringing diverse perspectives and fresh, exciting practices from across all fields. It helps us do our jobs better and it helps us create a company that does its job better. Each member of the team is a leader in his or her own right—there are no ivory towers here—and we’re as grounded as we are able to dream up new ideas. We’re there for each other in the same way we’re there for our clients—that’s what family is about, after all. 

The F1S Family

Co-Founder and CEO
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando is a travel industry visionary who founded F1S with his sister, Erika Reategui, in 1991. A vibrant and driven leader, Fernando has helped strategically grow the company into a thriving international venture...
Co-Founder and President
Erika Reategui
Erika is a travel industry powerhouse who founded F1S with her brother, Fernando Gonzalez, in 1991. For close to three decades, Erika has helped drive the company’s growth into a thriving international enterprise. As President, she oversees all operations for F1S, ensuring the company is well-oiled and functioning at maximum capacity at all times...
Chief Business Affairs Officer
Antonio Gutierrez
Antonio is instrumental in developing business and ultimately bringing to life the vision, mission, and strategic plan for F1S. He is an executive overseeing F1S’s Marketing and Partnerships, Talent & Culture, and Legal teams...
Chief Information Officer
German Rodriguez
German leads the Information Technology team at F1S. During his 13 years with F1S, German created the IT team—and has utilized his skills to ensure that F1S has the leading information technology that sets the company ahead of the rest...
Johanna Diaz
Johanna handles all things finance at F1S, overseeing the company’s financials as well as managing the global accounting team and internal procedures. She’s been in the role for close to four years, having worked as the Finance Manager for an indoor theme park in Florida before joining the F1S family...
Managing Director, Los Angeles
George Carrancho
George is the point person for F1S Los Angeles, where he runs all the day-to-day operations for the Beverly Hills office. He’s also on the Advisor Relations team, serving as the go-to for F1S’s independent advisors and helping with everything from orientation to acting as a liaison with partners...
Director of Leisure Support
Mayla Melo
Mayla is our in-house leisure specialist supporting advisors on curating every last detail of a leisure holiday. And we do mean every last detail: From offering up inspiring destination ideas to booking flights and hotels to coordinating all the creative elements that make a trip truly special...
Director of Marketing and Partnerships
Wonnie Baik
Wonnie's unique role focuses on the intersection of marketing and partnerships. Equal parts strategic and creative, Wonnie collaborates on the development and leads the execution of marketing activations and campaigns across the brand and brand partnerships...
Director of Advisor Relations
Suzanne Halama
Suzanne works directly with our always-growing team of independent advisors, handling everything from onboarding to meeting all their business needs, as well as acting as a liaison between the airlines and our advisors—and doing it all with ease and expertise.
Co-Director of Corporate
Maria Mendez
Maria is always willing to go the extra mile for our corporate travel management clients—putting the F1S motto of fanatical service into play every day. Maria helps lead our corporate team, ensuring we meet the needs of travelers and travel managers.
Co-Director of Corporate
Candice Watts
Candice works her magic to build and enhance relationships with our corporate travel management clients. Part of a tag team leading the corporate team, Candice ultimately works to obtain the freedom travelers seek while affording companies the control they need.
Senior Manager of Talent & Culture and Administration
Gisela Ramos
Gisela oversees the Global Talent & Culture and Administration Team, helping manage one of F1S’s greatest resources—our people. She’s responsible for the coordination and implementation of global human resource systems, processes, policies, programs, and the administration of our offices.
Manager of Sales Accounting
Margareth Gurmendi
Margareth is the accounting guru at F1S. She performs all the day-to-day activities related to sales accounting, ensuring that everything is effective, up-to-date and maintained accurately. Based in New York, Margareth has been with F1S for two decades—a full 20 years...