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    To know us is to know that our team is our greatest asset.

    First in Service is, at its core, all about family. And nowhere is that more apparent than in our team—a group of adventurous travelers, dedicated leaders, and fun people to hang out with all day. We make it a point to hire from both in and outside the travel industry to ensure we’re bringing diverse perspectives and fresh, exciting practices from across all fields. It helps us do our jobs better and it helps us create a company that does its job better. Each member of the team is a leader in his or her own right—there are no ivory towers here—and we’re as grounded as we are able to dream up new ideas. We’re there for each other in the same way we’re there for our clients—that’s what family is about, after all. 



    The F1S Family

    Co-Founder and CEO
    Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando is a travel industry visionary who founded F1S with his sister, Erika Reategui, in 1991. A vibrant and driven leader, Fernando has helped strategically grow the company into a thriving international venture...
    Co-Founder and President
    Erika Reategui
    Erika is a travel industry powerhouse who founded F1S with her brother, Fernando Gonzalez, in 1991. For close to three decades, Erika has helped drive the company’s growth into a thriving international enterprise. As President, she oversees all operations for F1S, ensuring the company is well-oiled and functioning at maximum capacity at all times...