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    Erika is a travel industry powerhouse who founded F1S with her brother, Fernando Gonzalez, in 1991. For close to three decades, Erika has helped drive the company’s growth into a thriving global enterprise. As President, she oversees all operations for F1S, ensuring the company is well-oiled and functioning at maximum capacity at all times. From training support advisors to problem-solving issues with the reservation system to acquiring the latest travel technology, Erika guarantees F1S is equipped to provide the very best service.

    Getting to Know Erika

    Five Favorite Spots

    Southern and East Africa

    Making It All Happen

    Her vast knowledge of the industry has deep roots: Travel has been an integral part of Erika’s worldview from the very beginning—her mother was at the helm of one of the first woman-owned travel agencies in New York and she inspired her daughter’s entrepreneurial aspirations. Erika started out in the industry as a teenager—she was just 17 when she first became an agent—and when presented with the opportunity to branch out on her own, she went for it, full force. And she didn’t look back: Her entrepreneurial spirit is one of the principals on which F1S was founded—and it continues to inform the direction the company takes today.

    The “right brain” of this brother-sister duo, Erika is the engine that makes things happen. She is a teacher and mentor and has instilled within the company the core values she’s had from the start: service, attention to detail, and a true passion for seeing the world.

    And she has seen the world. Erika is a member of the Travelers’ Century Club, for those who have been to over 100 countries. (Here’s where we tell you she’s been to all seven continents, too.) When she’s not on the road—and, truthfully, even when she is—Erika loves dancing, fashion, food, and is passionate about animals and the environment.

    “At F1S, our values are what sustain us and propel us forward.”
    Erika Reategui

    Meet & Greet

    I can’t travel without:
    A bathing suit, sneakers, and a good book
    An idyllic place to live would be:
    New York! My favorite city in the whole wide world
    My favorite meal:
    Peruvian food—there’s nothing like a traditional ceviche, anticuchos and picarones
    Next up on my must-visit list:
    The North Pole—and climbing Mt. Sinai with Fernando and our family
    Something you don’t know about me:
    I love, love dancing—especially salsa. I would have tried my hand at dancing professionally, if travel didn’t come calling