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George is the point person for F1S Los Angeles, where he runs all the day-to-day operations for the Beverly Hills office. He’s also on the Advisor Relations team, serving as the go-to for F1S’s independent advisors and helping with everything from orientation to acting as a liaison with partners. Now based in L.A., George is a travel industry vet, having spent 20 years at American Airlines before joining F1S in 2016.

Getting to Know George

Five Favorite Spots

United Kingdom

Ensuring the LA office runs smoothly

Though he’s traveled all over the world, his favorite trip was his honeymoon to Hong Kong and Thailand. And while we’re on the topic of honeymoon—George’s wedding to his husband Sean, which happened during the 2015 Washington DC Pride Parade, just weeks before the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage—was equally as momentous. These days, when he’s not making sure the office is running efficiently, you can catch him playing tennis and heading to his apartment in Puerto Vallarta, which he bought completely on a whim (Carpe diem, life is short etc., etc.!)

“Make the world a little better than it is today by traveling around the world and learning about people and their cultures.”
George Carrancho

Meet & Greet

I can’t travel without:
My Bose headset
An idyllic place to live would be:
I need to live near water—and a beach is preferred. A place like Puerto Vallarta is ideal
My favorite meal:
Mexican food is my favorite—I could easily live on tacos and beer
Next up on my must-visit list:
Australia and New Zealand
Something you don’t know about me:
I started working with American Airlines because a friend who worked there offered me a travel pass and half of a $100 referral fee if I stayed with the company for 60 days. At the time, I had no idea I would wind up spending 20 years (in three different states) working for the airline
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