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Johanna handles all things finance at F1S, overseeing the company’s financials as well as managing the global finance team and internal procedures. As controller, she keeps the company’s business plan in line—which means making sure all the daily accounting processes, polices and procedures are done effectively and efficiently—so that all data is reported accurately. Plus, as a member of the Business Shared Services team, she works closely with the Operations and IT teams to ensure service meets and exceeds standards.

Getting to Know Johanna

Five Favorite Spots

Southern Italy
South Florida
Merida, Mexico
Costa Rica

Ensuring Every Client Is Taken Care Of

A New Jersey native in Colombia, Johanna loves spending time outdoors, enjoying the world around her. One of her most memorable travel experiences had more to do with the journey than the destination: Taking her son on his first plane ride. She loved watching as he stared out in the window in awe of the clouds and everything he saw. Now she can’t wait to see the world with her favorite travel buddy.

“At F1S, we work with our hearts, as if each and every person is family; for them, you make the impossible possible.”
Johanna Diaz

Meet & Greet

I can’t travel without:
Headphones and a book, either audio or hardcover
An idyllic place to live would be:
Warm, yet breezy, and overlooking the mountains
My favorite meal:
Next up on my must-visit list:
Exploring Colombia and the Amalfi Coast
Something you don’t know about me:
I love to cook!
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