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    How an F1S Client is

    Supporting Mothers

    with Cancer






    F1RST Selects

    How an F1S Client is Supporting Mothers with Cancer

    F1S client Audrey Guth, the founder of Nanny Angel Network, talks to us about her nonprofit organization, the role travel can play in self-care, and how her advisor has helped enhance her travel experiences.  








    One of the most meaningful parts of working in travel? Hearing directly from our inspiring clients about a trip that meant so much to them—and how they view travel as a medium for self-care, a way to experience new places and cultures, and a chance to connect with those they love most. And the relationships our clients establish with their advisors—the trust, the confidence, the care—is something incredibly special. One relationship that exemplifies this: The one between F1S advisor Stacy Weigant and her client Audrey Guth. 

    The two have worked together for two decades and Stacy has helped Audrey see and experience so many different parts of the world. And, as the founder of the Nanny Angel Network, a Canadian nonprofit that offers women with cancer much-needed support, she and the organization she’s built are helping mothers at one of the most critical moments in their lives.  

    Here, we talk with Audrey— who has been named both CNN Hero and L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth—about why she trusts Stacy to plan her trips, what motivated her to start the Nanny Angel Network, and how travel helps her bring her best self to her work. 

    Audrey Guth on a Safari in Africa.

    How long have you been working with Stacy and in what ways has she helped enhance your travels? 


    We’ve been working together for 20 years. Stacy has enhanced our travels by knowing the level of comfort we expect and always delivering beyond our expectations. On our last trip, we, unfortunately, had our passports stolen. Stacy was in touch with our local guides and the cruise ship 24/7 to ensure that we didn’t have a disruption in our trip. We are probably one of the few passengers that were ever permitted to board a ship without passports! 

    In another instance, when the world was beginning to shut down because of the pandemic, Stacy was able to change us from an Asia cruise, which we were scheduled to depart on in a few days, and create an incredibly memorable last minute two week Sri Lanka journey instead. She was even able to get the cruise line to refund us in full—even though the sailing was not canceled when we made the change.


    What was the most memorable trip that Stacy has helped you plan—and what made it so special? 


    There have been so many trips. The reason I trust Stacy to create amazing trips for us is that she is so well-traveled herself and she has experienced all of the curated journeys she suggests for us. Therefore, we are never disappointed. South Africa and Botswana stand out as one of the most memorable and adventurous journeys. Bhutan was also an incredible trip. With Stacy, we are always one step ahead of the game. Whenever we return from a trip, a feature article appears in the paper or travel magazine about the trip we just took. We returned from an Antarctica Expedition in November, and now it’s all the rage.

    Audrey interacts with an elephant in Sri Lanka.

    Audrey interacts with an elephant in Sri Lanka.

    Audrey walking on a beach in Sri Lanka.

    Audrey hiking in Africa with local tour guide.

    Audrey walking on a beach in Sri Lanka.

    Audrey hiking in Africa with local tour guide.

    We’d love to learn more about Nanny Angel Network, an organization you founded in 2009. What inspired you to launch this initiative? 


    I am a two-time cancer survivor, mother of four, and was the owner of Canada’s premier nanny agency. I recognized a gap in our system of care for moms with cancer and their children. Cancer is not just a tumor. It impacts the entire family. Kids who experience parental cancer without support can develop long-term emotional and psycho-social issues such as depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and more. We learned that intervention, providing support during this difficult time, can prevent many of these problems.


    With Mother’s Day this month, talk often turns to the important work moms do every day. How does the Nanny Angel Network support moms when they need it most—and why is this so critical? 


    Moms are the primary caregivers in most cases. When they become ill, they don’t have the luxury of resting and getting well. They still have all the responsibilities of motherhood and running a household. NAN provides free, prepared meals during the most challenging time of her treatment. This was especially important during the pandemic as moms with cancer are immunocompromised and afraid to shop. 

    NAN also provides Child Life counseling for children experiencing the grief and anxiety associated with their mom’s illness or death. Volunteer Angels provide four hours a week of in-home support to give kids a sense of normalcy during a highly stressful time. We have many virtual support programs too, such as Fun in a Box, Homework Club, and support groups for teens, surviving parents, and moms with cancer. Cancer doesn’t care what you have in your bank account and neither does NAN. All of our programs are free of charge for families enduring a cancer journey.

    Audrey on a local taxi in Sri Lanka.

    What is your hope for the future of the organization? 

    It is my hope that any mom with cancer in North America would have access to NAN in my lifetime.


    And lastly, what value do you find that travel adds to your life?  Leading an organization that deals with cancer and death is stressful and sad at times. Travel has always been my passion but it’s also therapeutic and a big part of self-care. In terms of self-care, as I live such a fast-paced life in a big city, traveling to exotic places allows me to slow down, step out of my routine and enjoy new and exciting experiences. It gives me a chance to temporarily put aside the huge responsibilities I have waiting for me when I get home, and come back refreshed and rejuvenated!

    Fisherman in Sri Lanka.

    Fisherman in Sri Lanka.

    Learn more about Nanny Angel Network and the amazing work they do. And let us help connect you with an advisor who can create truly one-of-a-kind travel experiences. Reach us through email or by phone

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