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    Must-Attend Gatherings

    Flawless event production

    Travel encompasses more than simply getting on a plane or staying at a hotel—and our innovative events division is the culmination. Our team of experts develops one-of-a-kind events for clients across all industries, from annual corporate retreats in exclusive destinations to trade shows in major cities to parties and product launches.

    Inspiration Coordination Creativity

    How do we make it possible? If you know us well, you know it all comes down to relationships. Our relationships with our key partners mean that we can secure that hard-to-get venue, offer VIP benefits at luxury properties across the world and create itineraries for activities to do while there. Plus, these relationships with prominent vendors means we’re able to take care of everything in between: from planning to set-up to offering those one-of-a-kind touches that will have people talking for years to come.

    Whether you’re creating your first event or you’re an industry vet who’s looking to switch things up, our event experts offer the opportunity to put together something truly special.

    Standout Services
    A One-Stop Shop

    With both event planners and travel advisors, First in Service can offer clients something truly unique: The ability to plan every aspect of your event—from booking flights and hotels for all your guests to finding those vendors that will take your party to the next level. Not to mention doing it all quickly and easily: We once planned a 150-person wedding for a TV production in just five days—and that’s just scratching the surface of what we can do.

    Attention to Detail

    When planning any event—from a birthday party to a corporate bash—the key to our success is our ability to juggle lots of moving parts and pay attention to every detail. From highlighting the unique attributes of the host city (like having a bone reader at a French Quarter fête) to learning what special touches will make the guest-of-honor happy (like wagon rides for a triplet birthday party), we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind events that will leave everyone happy.