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    Impeccable Productions

    Entertainment travel made easy  

    First in Service is a leading travel partner to the entertainment industry. We provide services for Grammy award-winning artists and A-list actors—as well as film and music producers, directors and executives—who expect an experience, not simply a transaction.

    And First in Service is uniquely poised for the job: With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, we are immersed in the energy and pulse of the entertainment world—and what makes it move.


    Planning Management Connection

    As a full-service collaborator, our in-house advisors can do everything from booking venues to securing private jets to scouting destinations to scheduling out a full tour, with stops along the way. Utilizing decades of expertise as well as cutting-edge technology to ensure easy booking and complete security and privacy, we’re able to seamlessly meet and manage our clients’ requests.

    Our entertainment advisors know the ins and outs of the industry, taking care of all the details to create a flawless experience, on every tour, film, or production.


    Standout Services
    Continuous Availability

    The ability to make quick changes and last-minute adjustments is key when planning tours, performances, or other types of entertainment travel. That’s why we have a dedicated after-hours team to help you every step of the way—whether that’s at 10pm or 3am. Our advisors are available around-the-clock and have full access to our extensive network of air and hotel partners to ensure your production or tour goes smoothly, no matter where in the world you are—or are headed.

    Flexibility and Access

    From booking one room for a superstar VIP—complete with personalized amenities and special requests—to reserving an entire hotel to serve as home-base for a 50-plus person production or music tour team, we’re able to stay flexible and meet your specific needs, every time. And since we’ve been in this arena for years, we also provide discreet travel access, whether that’s offering private hotel entrances to reserving full hotel floors to booking private jets, and so much more.

    Streamlined Service

    Here’s what really sets F1S apart: We can provide for every aspect of your production, from travel to tour management and beyond. Our service is streamlined (no need to use multiple vendors for different parts of your production), agile, and headed by a team of entertainment and travel experts.