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    How Our Partners

    Are Keeping You Safe

    F1RST Selects

    How Our Partners Are Keeping You Safe

    As we get back to traveling, here’s what you need to know about the health and safety measures in place—and how we can help guide you.

    Typically at this time of year, all talk turns to fall and winter travel: The best places to see the foliage, where to spend Thanksgiving with the family, or which fabulous beach destination for ringing in the New Year (Can we maybe move that last one up? Please?). Today, however, for those considering traveling, conversations are largely focused on safety and where to go in the first place. So, while we might not be compiling a list of places to jet off to at a moment’s notice, what we can tell you is this: Slowly, but surely, travel is making its way back into our lives and we can start to think about getting out there again.


    And whether you’re ready to take off or simply want to call and ask us questions, we’re here for you. There are so many moving pieces involved in travel these days – that’s why making sure you feel safe in how you’re getting somewhere and where you’re staying is just as important as deciding on your destination.


    We’ve got the intel on everything from what to do if you forget your mask to what happens if you have last-minute changes. What keeps us in the know? It’s the coveted relationships we have with our partners. Our partners are truly the best of the best and when it comes to safety, it’s no surprise that they’ve stepped up in a big way. So, as we get back to traveling together, we want to show you how. Here’s a look at what three of our industry-leading partners are doing to keep you safe, across all types of travel.

    “The travel journey from airport curb to baggage claim has been reimagined to provide a safer and cleaner experience, both during and after Covid-19.”
    Matt Kutches, Delta Airlines

    By air: Delta Airlines

    Delta has employed the Delta CareStandard, which includes things like additional hand sanitizers and plexiglass shields at boarding, cleaning communal surfaces like kiosks and security bins (they’ve partnered with Lysol) plus completely sanitizing the entire plane with electrostatic spraying. Middle seats are left empty to help with social distancing, pillows are tossed post-use, and you’ll find Care Kits filled with a mask and hand sanitizer and, on some flights, snack bags too.

    Here’s what’s also great: Not only did Delta create a Global Cleanliness Division, but they also partnered with the Mayo Clinic. “Deepening our relationship with [the] Mayo Clinic provides additional safety and Covid-19 infection control measures for customers and employees,” says Matt Kutches, General Manager-Global Sales. The medical center has “developed and will oversee Covid-19 testing of Delta’s full workforce,” he says, as well as advise in other ways, from helping the customer experience team to creating an advisory council including both Mayo Clinic and Delta execs.


    Feeling hesitant to fly is normal these days. To help, Kutches recommends talking with your travel advisor. “Do your research, consult your travel advisor to hear more details on what initiatives Delta has deployed to keep customers and our employees safe throughout the travel ribbon,” he says.

    By stay: Four Seasons

    Many hotels have upped their safety game, including Four Seasons. “As the significant impact of Covid-19 on global travel became clear, we very quickly understood that our guests would want measures in place to create a safe, worry-free environment when they decided to travel again,” explains Ben Trodd, Senior Vice President, Sales and Hotel Marketing.

    “This insight helped guide the creation of our enhanced global health and safety program, Lead With Care, which builds on our already stringent health and safety measures.”
    Ben Trodd, Four Seasons

    Lead with Care—which is in place at all Four Seasons properties, as is a “hygiene officer”—includes a whole range of different measures, from increased sanitizing (including electrostatic spraying and ozone technology) to offering contactless check-in and digital menus at restaurants to (of course) mask-wearing for guests and staff. Plus, similarly to Delta, the hotel partnered with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.


    “Guests staying at Four Seasons also have the added confidence of being able to control the level of in-person contact and engagement they have with our team through the use of the popular Four Seasons App and Four Seasons Chat,” says Trodd. Guests can do things like order room service and make spa reservations and, when chatting, real people—on the property where you’re staying—are behind the responses, and they can answer you in upwards of 100 (!) different languages.

    By ground: Empire CLS

    “Empire CLS has always maintained an extremely high level of duty of care to our guests.”
    David Seelinger, Empire CLS

    “While previously this had to do with the safety and security of the driving experience, the COVID situation has prompted us to extend that duty of care to providing the best possible environment from a cleanliness standpoint,” says David Seelinger, Chairman and CEO of the company, which provides chauffeur services in more than 700 cities around the world.


    And they are doing just that—extensively sanitizing their vehicles, car seats, and other communal items, like chargers, between uses. “We have gone above and beyond with our safety and cleanliness protocols, working with International SOS to develop new regimens, which include electrostatic spraying—which lessens the chances of the virus sticking to any surface—outfitting our vehicles with three-layer air filtration, limiting chauffeur-guest contact, and so much more,” explains Seelinger.


    Among other measures, drivers wear N-95 masks, use gloves when touching guests’ luggage, provide masks and sanitizers for passengers, and skip the front seat for passengers. “We have been the leader in our industry in terms of developing cleanliness protocols for ground transportation,” says Seelinger. “If someone needs to be driven in a car, the ride-share services simply do not have the control [that] we do over the in-car environment or the cleanliness protocols our chauffeurs must maintain worldwide.”



    The bottom line? We’re keeping safety at the forefront and want you to know we’ve got your back—whether you want to book something a few months out, or a few nights before; and whether you already know exactly what you’re looking for or just want to talk through all of the new protocols with us. And though our conversations might not be the same as they were at this time last year, our commitment to you, and putting you first haven’t changed one bit.




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